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Ubuntu Launches OS For Touch Smartphones


Hasil gambar untuk Ubuntu Launches OS For Touch SmartphonesUbuntu, the well known Linux-based OS for those that shun Windows or Mac OS, has propelled rendition 13.10 today, or as it’s known in the Linux people group: Saucy Salamander. This is huge in light of the fact that, not at all like the Ubuntu variation for Android OS, form 13.10 is intended to explicitly bolster a line of Ubuntu-based cell phones and, in the long run, tablets.

The Saucy Salamander discharge is restricted in what it can do, however offers a Webkit open source program, center applications, for example, a telephone phone reconciliation, informing, photograph watcher, and setting/inclination abrogates. It is conceivably forkable, and might be made more buyer well disposed after some time with a variety of skins and more center applications, yet for the time being, that is it.

Concerning the cell phone—the Ubuntu Edge – it presently can’t seem to emerge alongside the OS and will presumably be postponed for years to come. The Ubuntu Edge was spilled back in July as the UK organization behind it, Canonical, propelled a crowdfunding effort through Indiegogo. The objective of $32 million missed the mark (yet not for absence of intrigue), and the Edge remains a to a greater degree an idea with conceivable model underway. Purportedly, the Edge will be intended to run both Ubuntu and Android, and is designed for the portable figuring client who requests more from a cell phone… truth be told, once snared to a HD show, the telephone would have the capacity to run practically like a Ubuntu-based work area or workstation phone.

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Once Canonical can pull together the funding and create more than a prototype phone for the market (most are hoping it’ll be ready in 2014, but beyond hope, there’s not a firm date for anything), there’s a strong possibility that the device would sport a 4.7-inch/720p display, 4 GB RAM to rock the SoC processor, offer 128 GB(!) of storage, a silicone anode battery, and be able to run on LTE and GSM networks (including Verizon and Sprint).  Not only that, but rather than Gorilla Glass to protect the display, the eventual Edge smartphone would use a scratch-proof sapphire crystal material.  But all that is pipe-dream stuff for now.

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