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Samsung Accused of Exploiting Minors in China


Workers have commitments and rights simply like all natives. There are laws to shield them from abuse, yet in the event that these laws aren’t authorized or if workers don’t talk up or let well enough alone for fear, what really happens by and by may not be honest. The term ‘delicate law’ applies to these circumstances, which implies a law exists however that it isn’t really authorized.

Tragically, the privileges of representatives are a part of these delicate laws and a few organizations remain to profit by this. This is supposedly the case with Samsung, as indicated by the non-administrative association Sherpa. This association as of now charged Samsung a couple of years sooner, and now it has returned with a superior case and more confirmation.

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The association recorded a protest and Samsung will show up under the watchful eye of the Criminal Court of Bobigny in France. Sherpa’s information comes from a Chinese association. After visiting Samsung, sometimes anonymously, the association came to the conclusion that multiple Chinese laws are being flouted: minors under 16 are being exploited and overtime isn’t being paid, among other offenses.

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As the French media explains, it doesn’t mean the complaint will lead anywhere, “The French courts are not likely to go to China to verify that what Sherpa reports is true. It is also difficult to imagine that Chinese authorities would accept this approach.” An appeal will likely be dragged out and the case will eventually fall through.

In short, Samsung will probably emerge from this without being tainted by scandal. It should be noted, of course, that this was the case with the Nike brand a few years ago, but that hasn’t stopped people from buying their products. It may also be the case that Samsung’s competition is guilty of the same practices, as their smartphones are made in China as well.

Whatever comes of this story, it is important to bring attention to employees’ rights. It is imperative that there is a shift from this ‘soft law’ to strictly enforced law, so that measures are taken against companies that don’t respect workers’ rights. We can only hope that things change for the better.

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