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Android Adds New Judi Online Shortcuts


The Google+ Judi Online application is presently during the time spent accepting a refresh which carries with it more prominent help for Android’s App Shortcuts. The adaptation of the application is v9.23 and is comprehended the be taking off with the Google Play Store posting noticing an October 16 refreshed date. In spite of the fact that at introduce the changelog for the latest refresh basically informs with respect to the standard thing “execution improvements and bug fixes.”

Judi Online

Adds New Judi Online Shortcuts

In spite of the lack of detailed information on the Google Play Store listing, it is clear that with this update comes an expansion to App Shortcuts. This is the feature Judi Online introduced last year along with Android 7.1 (Nougat) which looks to offer users a quicker way to perform more in-app actions without having to launch the app in the first place. Which is exactly what is on offer now with this latest update. As prior to this update, holding down on the Google+ app icon would only provide the default App Shortcut options – “Judi Online” and “App info.” Following the update however, the App Shortcuts now lists three new options – Create a PollPhotos/videos, and Create a new post.

Needless to say, these are options which are largely self-explanatory. For example, Create a Poll provides the user with a much quicker way to launch the Poll option without opening the app. Likewise, Photos/videos allows the user to immediately open the device’s gallery within the Google+ app which in turn allows for quicker posting of photos and videos to Google+. While Create a post – creates a new post. Irrespective of which post type the user tries to initiate through the Judi Online Shortcut, if the user happens to have more than one Google+ account (including brand accounts) the app will always first prompt the user to select the right account first. So for those users, this does always result in two clicks before the post type interface launches. As mentioned, the latest version of the app with the new App Shortcuts included seems to be on its way out to devices, although those looking for the latest version sooner than that, will find a copy of the APK available to download and sideload through the link below.

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